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Lilou & John | Short band info

The Swedish indie duo was formed by married couple Lilou (vocals) and John Dübeck (lyrics, guitars, bass guitars) in 2015 and play what they call “helter skelter” rock.

The band is known for constantly moving between and creating new genres. The psychological 100 Faces merges dark pop with alternative rock, Dissidentica is dominated by progressive backbeat folk-pop, whereas Patriot Child is a Motörhead-inspired punk rock album.

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Lilou & John | Music

Order Lilou & John’s first anthology “13” or their second album “Patriot Child” as a physical CD from Midgård.

Stream or download their music on Bandcamp Google Play iTunes Spotify Amazon.

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Watch all Lilou & John’s music videos on YouTube.

Madame Revolutionary

Lilou & John | Madame Revolutionary

Go to Lilou & John’s helter skelter rebel art burn-the-Bastille blog for avant garde inspiration.

Fire Child

Lilou & John | Get the book

Lilou & John’s debut novel “Eldbarn” (“Fire Child”) is available in Swedish from publisher AlternaMedia.

Latest release

Lilou & John | Latest release

New release: Airing from Kolyma, June 20, 2018.

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Lilou & John | Petrodollar Wars (Nerve War Mix)

Pimp your phone with Lilou & John’s free ringtones.


Lilou & John | Redbubble

Visit Lilou & John’s shop on Redbubble to find merchandise from the best Swedish underground rock band ever.

You’ll find t-shirts, tanks, phone cases, skins, wallets, dresses, pillows, travel mugs, leggings, mini skirts, tablet cases, scarves, bags, notebooks and journals, all bearing the mark of the backbeast anti-pop heros of Sweden.

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