Three Year Anniversary

Lilou & John

Three year anniversary

For our first and second anniversary we wrote summaries of our success and took nice photos. It felt like a great way to keep in touch with our fans.

But for the third anniversary we wanted to do something different. We weren’t in the mood for selfies and we had so much to write about so even a tiny bit of it made us exhausted. So Lilou came up with a new idea.


For our third anniversary we decided to do something different, so we ordered a video made by the very guy who played Jigsaw in the Saw movies!

We wrote him a script about mainstreamists and why they should reconsider their superficial lifestyle and asked him to use the doll he used in the movies.


We soon discovered that it wasn’t the guy who played Jigsaw. It was a Tunisian guy with a thick Schwarzenegger accent. But he was all we could afford so we decided to give him a chance anyway.

The end result went rather well. He did his job and we pretended he was the real Jigsaw. Everyone was happy and we had a nice video for our third anniversary: Live or Die!

Lilou & John