The Petrodollar Ghost

Lilou & John

The Petrodollar Ghost

John: Let us talk about the song “Petrodollar Wars” from Patriot Child. You found an old spooky building for the video. Why do we visit haunted old places to take pictures?

Lilou: Because they are inspiring. Despite the fact that they are abandoned they are all but dead.

John: Do you even get afraid when we go there?

Lilou: No.

John: Why not, if they are haunted, like the old house where we recorded He Broke my Neck, Joséphine?

Lilou: Because I don’t get scared. I get inspired.

John: Inspired in what way, does it differ from any other kind of inspiration?

Lilou: I want to capture what is there.

The Ghosts of Varnhem Abbey

John: But when we went to the old second hand shop in Alingsås and walked up the stairs in the barn, it sounded as if the rain was falling against the roof though the weather was nice, and you felt that pressure over your chest. That place was probably haunted. Did you want to capture what was there too?

Lilou: No, I was there for the shopping. I hadn’t planned for any haunting.

John: But what is the difference between a haunted place that inspires, like the old factory in Rydboholm or the medieval Varnhem Abbey, and that house with the bad karma in Svaneholm, where you never want to stop?

Lilou: It all comes down to how beautiful the place is, the light and the angles, not the ghosts themselves. The ghosts can’t make a place more beautiful, just more interesting. An already beautiful place WITH ghosts, that’s a different story.

The strange mist

John: But you must have been scared when we were filming Petrodollar Wars late at night outside the spooky derelict factory building in Rydboholm, where a colleague of yours said a guy had been murdered many years ago. You remember that strange mist that appeared on the camera and came out of nowhere? Don’t say you didn’t feel any chill down your back then?

Lilou: No, I’m not scared of ghosts. Period.