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Dead Girl Walking

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Dead Girl Walking

Review of Lilou & John’s “Dead Girl Walking”, written by Skywatcher from Red Sky Warning

Lilou & John is a duo from Sweden that plays independent rock music (indie rock). Indie Rock is a kind of alternative rock that has its roots in the 1980s music scenes in the United Kingdom and the United States. Its name comes from the English word meaning independent. Lilou & John plays dissident indie pop, songs from and for dissidents, with lyrics that bother the thought police.

Lilou & John (John and Lilou Dübeck) is today one of the most famous non-politically correct Swedish rock / pop bands. They have been stigmatized and exiled from the system because they do not follow the herd and their lyrics are not within the boundaries established by political correctness. As they say, they want to write their own story about the great “patricians” of our time (their parents belonging to the “Generation of May ’68”) the story about Identity children who refused to obey parents, deciding to go their own way.

Freedom of speech

They are talking about the oppression of freedom of speech which has led to a huge increase in the number of dissidents. Many thousands of people today have lost everything from the “witch hunt” launched by large corporate media. They lost their jobs because they dared to protest against the new left tolerance policy. Families have been uprooted, mothers, fathers and children have been stigmatized as modern lepers that you should not touch. And just like the lepers of the old days, the dissidents of Sweden have nothing left to lose. Many of these people have now realized that they can also react and fight back. Become warriors.

Lilou & John say they’re not a political band. Everything we do is very personal, they say. Many of our songs are written for the defense of freedom of speech simply because we have begun to hear what we should and should not say. No ideology or religion can defeat art, science, and logic, and we can combine many left and right elements into our everyday life and music. We believe that our music is very revolutionary and subversive. The funny thing is that if you today revolts and protests against the system, the ruling classes will call you “far right” regardless of what you believe. Therefore, many people in the far-right believe that we are a rather strange couple, but they also realize that we share the same interest in eradicating political correctness and that we are not afraid to be seen with a “Nazi.”

Unconventional music

We hope someday things will change, they say. Some day the musical industry of the “virtues” of the “holy 1968” loses control and the unconventional music is allowed again on all major platforms. One day it will not be controversial to question political correctness or to write songs about the 1956 Hungarian uprising. That day will come and the more music we write the sooner it will come. Even if by then we are tired and exhausted by the endless struggle to bring new music to the world. For us, every fan who writes to us, explaining how one of our songs made him cry because he realized that the Communists were losing the culture war or woke up his memories from the time before the start of mass immigration, when he heard Lilou sing, every such fan convinces us that it is worth it. Thousands of times. We would never do anything else. We will continue. And there is no return.

On June 20, 2018 they released their latest album titled “Airing from Kolyma” (Kolyma was known as Gulag in the USSR). Before that they recorded the album titled “Patriot Child”. Songs dealing with sexual offenses of migrants are never welcome. Nor are the songs that talk about the conspiracy of silence by politicians and the media.

From this last album comes Dead Girl Walking, which talks about the death of a girl (in England), raped and murdered by an alien at the altar of the “goddess” of multiculturalism, with the government and the newspapers trying to ” bury “the news, presenting the murderer as a “good kid” who “also experienced the pain” and recommending the world to “calm down” and forget it …