Lilou & John


Much has been written and said about Lilou & John over the years. These quotes are some favorite sayings gathered by the eclectic and heterodox indie duo. More quotes can be found on home.

The musical scourge of political correctness.

Mazzy, Sons of Frenarchy

This music has something addicting in itself.

Adam Szabelak, Narodowcy

This, my friends, is real good straight through.

Magnus Söderman, Svegot

I’m almost hypnotised by Lilou’s vocals

Pär Berglund, Meadow Music

The dark searing vocals of Lilou & John chill the marrow-bone

Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands

True contemporary rock rebels

Tom Andersson, Nya Tider

Alternative indie rock duo with provocative lyrics and a dark edgy northern female voice

Thomaz Wiberg, Rosa Traktorn

If the world’s going to Hell in a handbasket, all I’m bringing is my bow, my knife and my Lilou & john t-shirt. Gotta look good for the apocalypse!

Henrik Jørgensen

Eerie, brooding darkness dressed in melody and bad attitudes!

Edward Nordén, Citizen’s Coalition

Multilayered, high energy and thought-provoking lyrics. Recommended!

Ernst Robert Almgren, Maskulint

FINALLY … I have waited but now I sit here and listen and it feels about as good as I felt when I saw The Clash in June 1977… But this is now, 2019, and Thanks for that! GOD KNOWS, I NEED IT

Hans G. Andersson

Amazing, I love it

Luigi Vespasiani, Radio Rock 106.6

Weill/Brecht for the new 20s


Praise the Lord for Lilou & John

Tommy Karlsson

Take one part Dead Kennedys, one part filthy British alley and two crazy Swedes and you have Lilou & John


Gritty, city-oriented noise

Brett Stevens, Amerika.org

Lilou & John is a good example that something else, at the same time more intelligent and more fun, is possible.

Joakim Andersen, Motpol

Saturday, beer, sausage 99% meat and a new album by Lilou & John max volume! Perfect!

Abraham Patriark

Lilou sings to defy both multinational corporations as well as conventional musical keys

Thurston Hunger, KFJC 89.7 FM

The prime culture warrior duo of today

Granskning Sverige

Her voice is just mesmerising

Magnus Stenbäcken, Riverking Productions

A great and unique female voice

JP, Vains of Jenna

Two intense weirdos

Fan on Death Metal Underground