Prepping for BioPhil

Lilou & John


John: Welcome to the Café Guillotine, episode 2. I am John and with me is my wife Lilou. I ask the questions and she will answer.

Today’s topic is “Prepping for Bio-Phil”, and I chose this witty title because we will discuss how to live a healthy, vegetarian life without going superficial. So, I turn to you, Lilou, and ask: what are your thoughts on food?

Lilou: I want to eat fresh, tasty and healthy food, and I don’t want to eat anything that has once been living.

John: You mean as an animal, not plant I assume?

Lilou: Exactly.

John: Life as a vegetarian is quite different from life as a carnivore I think, what are your thoughts about this transition?

Lilou: Food-wise we eat a lot more varied food than we used to. Life-wise I now have a lot more compassion for animals than I used to.

John: Could you perhaps elaborate on that, because I feel very much the same thing. Do you think there has been some deep mental change within you as a result of not eating animals or is it a spiritual matter?

Lilou: I think maybe one automatically grows numb when it comes to eating animals, and stays that way to protect oneself from the feeling of actually being part of ingesting something that used to live and feel.


John: I know many people, including myself, have had this idea that vegetarianism is a very posh urban middle class thing that requires you to listen to certain music and have certain political ideas and certain values that at least I think are very superficial. Has that been an obstacle for you?

Lilou: Yes. I used to shy away from everything healthy since I connected it with superficial people. For example people who said they were vegetarians and cared about animals but ate them as soon as they were in a cooking competition.

John: You mean hypocrisy?

Lilou: Yes. I hate hypocrisy.

John: To me it wasn’t until I remembered that Oskorei, author of Rising from the Ruins, was vegetarian (or vegan) that I questioned my idea of having to be superficial to be vegetarian myself, and accompany you on that journey. What was it that changed your mind or view?

Lilou: In retrospect I think it is stupid to shy away from anything because it’s associated with morons, since most things are. What one should go for is does it fit you?

John: You put your finger on a soft spot there. Most things are associated with superficial people, are they not? It feels that as soon as something becomes popular it attracts these sort of people. But how did you learn what to eat and how to think as a vegetarian? I mean there are nutritions that we must think of, and asking these superficial morons for advice doesn’t seem like a great idea. So how did you manage to find answers?

Lilou: Superficial morons aren’t actually moronic when it comes to everything. They often know the facts but not how to pull it off themselves, since they’re not in it with their mind.

John: You mean they often know how to do things.

Lilou: But they don’t do it.

John: They just pretend to?

Lilou: Or do it for a limited amount of time.


John: Thanks for your clever answers, that taught me something. But over to the title, “Prepping for Bio-Phil” which is merely a play with words. In this case the expression is “biophilic” and as we are in a prepping period at the moment, could you please explain what biophilic design is, even though it may not be entirely related to vegetarianism, or is it?

Lilou: It’s about staying connected to nature through interior design.

John: Such as?

Lilou: Such as using natural light, lots of plants, some sort of running water, natural materials and preferably an outdoor view of plants.

John: Like some kind of ecologic rooftop fantasia on a skyscraper in the middle of a big city?

Lilou: Yes.

John: Very fascinating. Do you think that your vegetarianism and biophilic design go hand in hand?

Lilou: Yes, it actually does. It feels like the next step toward an even healthier lifestyle. I’m very excited about it.

John: Yes, and me too. It seems like you are rediscovering traditions and worldviews that have been more or less forgotten for maybe 100 years or more. Our part of the world is not exactly famous for encouraging a very mental healthy lifestyle, rather an anorectic or bulimic lifestyle. Do you think that interior design could have such impact on our lives?

Lilou: Of course. A lot more than people think. Everything you surround yourself with in life matter.

John: I think we are moving onto a genuinely holistic approach to things in our family. It’s a very intriguing matter that makes me more than enthusiastic and has spurred me to read much more books, such as Oskorei’s masterpiece. Thank you for answering all my questions.

Lilou: Do you think we will ever start exercising?

John: Perhaps we will. Five years ago I would not have anticipated that we would be where we are right now. But thank you again for sharing your wisdom and to our readers, please enjoy this song from our last album. Take care!