Malaise: Release August 26

Lilou & John


Malaise means “a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease whose exact cause is difficult to identify.” It also means the normal state of being for most human beings in the industrial world.

It could mean the feeling that follows the nightclubber from when she gets out of bed in the afternoon until she comes home in the morning. It could mean the emotional state of mind of the former well-behaved citizen heading to the polling station to cast his vote for something in which he no longer believes.


Malaise could mean the thoughts running through the head of a woman who just broke up with her last boyfriend and who asks herself over and over again why no relation ever works. It could also mean the turmoil of a young man reading a love letter from his wife in the trenches of The Great War and who cannot understand why he will be forced to march across the mud field again tomorrow.

Malaise could mean the sense that a lover is lying. It could mean the desperation that runs so deep that the only hope for liberation can be found in a drug overdose. It could mean the self-doubt that keeps the rape victim in check and makes the slave bow his head.


Malaise is always a game of shadows. Its only power lies in anonymity. It is always dressed in a disguise of normality or even progress. Malaise is what we do not identify as a problem until we realize its true nature. Malaise is the road with many signs, many deliberately placed there to confuse us, a road we must navigate to reach its beginning.

That is where we will find the answer to why we suffer and the power to liberate ourselves.

For those of you who want to be inspired to begin your own search we have recorded the album Malaise that will be released on August 26. Just follow the rabbit down the hole.