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Lilou & John | Patriot Child
Lilou & John

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Lilou & John – Patriot Child

Review of Lilou & John’s Patriot Child by Thurston Hunger from KFJC 89.7 FM

Drunk punk duo out of Sweden, well drunk is a bit unfair as the topics of their lyrics are sobering, but the rock on display here is dive-bar distorted and grasping for a 2am closing anthem vibe.

The signature of the duo (deviating from their folk roots, but not thaat much) is the warble of Lilou. Raw emotion rasps her throat and a vibrato attacks without warning. Think Jello Biafra as Judas Iscariot in Jesus Christ Superstud. Lilou sings to defy both multinational corporations and conventional musical keys. It’s fascinating in a harrowing manner.

John provides guitar and pen for the words coming out of Lilou’s mesmerizing mouth. The leadoff cut has the martial chop and snap of some of the Ex’s stuff, while #2 definitely has AmRep pep. They are a husband and wife duo who might have met in the classified ads of Sweden’s version of “The Nation.”