First Gig

Lilou & John

First gig

John: We went to Norway recently to play a few songs at our first gig. What is your best memory from the trip?

Lilou: When we were about to leave the place and a woman hugged me and told me that she listens to our songs all the time and that we should never quit doing music.

John: That was a beautiful memory.

Lilou: Yes it was, I will never forget it. I still get surprised when people tell me that they listen to our music. It’s unreal somehow.

John: It is good for you to hear it often. You deserve it. They enjoy the music and I am glad that they let you know.

Lilou: They were very kind people.

A memory for life

John: They remind me of what I have read about the first Christians who survived in a very repressive surrounding and met in secret. I think our fans are often very kind people.

Lilou: It’s a shame how they are treated by society. Makes me furious and vindictive.

John: I just love to meet them. I met a couple of wonderful guys in skinhead clothing who were just the most warm-hearted people one could ever imagine. I will bring the memory of those guys with me until I die.

Lilou: And I tried “brown cheese” for the first time ever. Won’t take that memory with me, though.

John: Norwegian brown cheese? Yeah at the hotel they had that. It was yummy. I think much of the food at the hotel was delicious. But you were not equally impressed.

Lilou: No. Wasn’t a fan. But the snow reaching up to the windows was very cozy.

John: Uhu, and the 300 km drive back and forth was great too I think.

Lilou: Yes, I really enjoyed it.

The ones who dare

John: Will we do it again?

Lilou: It was exhausting but we might.

John: They seemed to like it anyway. But I agree. We were totally knackered when we came home. I think we just laid in bed like two mummies.

Lilou: Yeah, pretty much. We’re too old for that shit.

John: Are there any final words you would like to share with the great people we met there? Some of them might be reading.

Lilou: I wish there were more people like you, people who dare to stand up for their convictions.