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Lilou & John

Europa Report

On January 28, Europa Report from The Right Stuff published an interview with John, discussing Lilou & John as well as White Art Collective. Host Jay Lorenz asked about the band’s ideas on culture as well as their ideas on politics.

Bring something genuine

On the question about the band’s view on music John referred to what he had learned from Lilou about the importance of depth in music: “Pop music is just bland. We wanted to change that, we wanted to bring something that was genuine, something that really mattered, something that was deep, that touched the hearts of people, something that would make people feel more than that bland feeling of going through a supermarket.”

The control left

When Jay asked about the political aspect of the duo’s music, focusing in on the possibly political lyrics, John answered that “the only thing I think you can say about my political view is that I don’t like what you can refer to as the ‘Control Left’. And that is because I grew up with it, I grew up in a family with this mindset and I learned to sort of almost hate it during my life, and if there is something that I really, really want to destroy it’s the narrative of the ‘Control Left’, the banning of people, the cancelling of people”.

“You see yourself as more of being counter-cultural than being political.”

“Yes, exactly.”