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Prepping for BioPhil

  Lilou & John   PREPPING FOR BIO-PHIL John: Welcome to the Café Guillotine, episode 2. I am John and with me is my wife Lilou. I ask the questions and she will answer. Today’s topic is “Prepping for Bio-Phil”, and I chose this witty title because we will discuss how to live a healthy, […]

Welcome to the Café

  Lilou & John   WELCOME TO THE CAFÉ John: Welcome to the Café Guillotine, episode 1. My name is John: poet, laveyan satanist and political radical in Drone City. With me is Lilou: singer, visual artist and hardcore individualist. This written podcast is for you who seek new ideas, new understanding and a new […]

WAC Spooky Short Award

Lilou & John received the prestigious White Art Collective Spooky Short Movie Award of 2019 for their film “Misandry”.

The Short Talk

Interview made in 2019 about the nature of art and poetry, by Lilou & John with Lilou & John.

First Gig

Lilou & John talk about their first gig.


Eldbarn is Lilou & John’s debut novel, released by Nya Kulturförlaget in 2017.

One Year Anniversary

An article celebrating one year of music, art, literature and political incorrectness (2016-2017).

The Long Talk

A very personal interview from 2016 by Lilou & John with Lilou & John.