We leave the culture war

Culture War

We Leave the Culture War

Four years after the release of our debut EP 100 Faces, on August 26, 2016, it is time to drop out of the culture war. The decision is the result of much thinking and in this post we will explain why we have decided to make this move.

As one of the most influential politically incorrect new indie bands today we have had the privilege of supporting and help building a different approach to music than that we normally find in the music industry. From the beginning we have dealt with tragedy, loss and death in many of our songs, and we have continued down a path of ”never conform, always break free”.

Like all societies Sweden has a financial and political elite, however, and the elites never look kindly on those who challenge status quo. Therefore we have been censored, cancelled and almost unpersoned over these last years. It has therefore been natural for us to propel towards the people who have had the guts to continue playing our music.

It has been a wide range of people, from anarcho-capitalists, libertarians and punks, to reactionaries, rockers and third-positionists. We have also had the honor of meeting many cancelled artists, influencers, producers, entrepreneurs and content creators. It has been a privilege.


More than once, however, fans and antagonists alike have assumed that we share the ideological viewpoints of all these people. We do not.

Like Henri Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross that we honored with the song Solferino in 2017, we have tried to heal the wounded on all sides and condemned censorship and other atrocities. It has however been a tough job in a situation where cancel culture has been canonized into normality.

We have accomplished much over the course of these years, trying to describe everything from Islamism in ”Bataclan”, Zionism in ”Next Year in Jerusalem”, Identitarianism in ”Generation Identitaire”, the Alt-Right in ”Patriot Child”, Libertarianism in ”9/11”, Fascism in ”Revolutionary Road”, Orbanism in ”Free Woman”, Trumpism in ”Alpha Dog”, Conservatism in ”Spirit of America”, Marxism in ”Petrodollar Wars”, Third Positionism in ”Pasokification” to Counter Jihadism in ”Gospel X”.

”Corona” and ”Stray Wolf” were our farewell songs to the culture war. They sum it all up. We tried to make ”the masses” of the left and ”the people” on the right realize that they could actually learn about each other and the world. But they preferred not to listen.

Oh well, what could you expect from humanity. We hope that those of you who understood had a good time.


We have come to a situation where cancelled people don’t even want to understand the elites any longer. In 2016 there was still an interest as to what was the driving forces behind different political and religious positions, but the more societies across the west break down under the pressure of cancel culture, the more people just want to finish off the masses, and the masses want to finish off the people and they no longer care if it means using a guillotine or a nuclear bomb.

Perhaps it is impossible to make post-1789 kind of people, bourgeois whether they admit it or not, whigs or tories, overt or covert victorians, understand a pre-1789 way of thinking. In other words, can he who looks at the world and sees a game of Othello, learn to see beyond the flat surface of partizan politics?

We are more than that. Our way of thinking dates back farther than even most reactionaries can comprehend. We are Ask and Embla walking into the world in a past so distant that conformity is not even a concept worth debating to us.

Therefore it is time for us to leave and the next time we meet you will hear a whole new set of songs. We will no longer try to create a better world where people understand each other, but just enjoy the beauty and joy of creativity. It will be offensive of course, but at the end of the day, isn’t life itself rather offensive?

With love,
Lilou & John