LNJ Dictionary

LNJ Dictionary


Over the years since their launch in 2016, Lilou & John have been known for creating their own vocabulary. What does it for example mean to be progressive-reactionary, to be an orc or to kill the mainstream? It is time for the LNJ dictionary.


A female vocalist with a powerful voice. Best described in the phrase ”Lilou sings to defy both multinational corporations as well as traditional musical keys”.

Based Bard

A non-sellout band or artist. An expression borrowed from a twitter fan who described Lilou & John as ”the based bards of Sweden”.

Bleach Music

Everything on the radio and the charts.


Cheap Mass Production. The opposite of LNJ.


Anyone who says Lilou & John should go mainstream.

Culture War

The financial, cultural, political, administrative, military and existential war waged by urban pedigrees, international corporations and political zealots against rural decentralization, local self-rule, customs, dialects, celebrations, environmental care, mongrels and the human soul since 1789.

Lilou & John took part in the official Culture War until 2020 when they dropped out for ”personal, therapeutic and otherworldly reasons”, i.e. the side who fought for ”tolerance” had no tolerance and the side who fought for ”culture” had no culture, and therefore the duo started their own nearly indescribable front with a two-man army instead.


The generic music style of Lilou & John.


A person without a soul, usually someone with insufficient personality to appreciate Lilou & John.


Any cognitive labor in a herd.

Helter Skelter

A music genre and lifestyle of Lilou & John. A haphazard way of creating songs (and doing everything else) intuitively, back and forth, and with a certain amount of laziness.



The natural state of mind of Lilou & John.


A pun that nobody understood because they were morons, that was intended to describe Lilou & John as a European indie band.

Kill the Mainstream

Lilou & John’s infamous slogan to describe one purpose of their art and music. The expression is derived from John’s furious contempt for any sign of mainstreamism.

Lemmy was Hitler was Edgar Allan Poe

The concept that no ideas – no matter how weird they sound – should be banned.

The expression derives from the suggestion by John that Lemmy was Hitler reincarnated, who in turn was Edgar Allan Poe reincarnated.

Lilou & Djinn

A reference to the occult nature of John.


Short for Lilou & John.


A person who does not think or feel for himself, but rather fills himself with cheap catch-phrases disguised as thoughts and feelings, often invented and sold by marketing experts who profit from these things.

Mammoth Hunter

A less aggressive orc.


An orc.


Any mentally challenged individual who may or may not appreciate Lilou & John.

Nearly Indescribable

An expression coined 2018 by Brett Stevens describing Lilou & John.

Non PC Music

Politically incorrect music. Typically the music of Lilou & John.


The innovative marketing style of Lilou & John, rejecting easy money from the music industry in favor of small-scale music lovers as far away as possible from the assembly line of mainstream culture production, thereby creating the most diverse and personal fan base of any indie band through history.


Someone who doesn’t give a sh*t about other’s expectations or what others might think about their appearance. It was first used during the release of Stray Wolf which marked a different direction for the band.

An orc would imply someone who does not care about the social consequences of being themselves instead of pretending to have good values. In a more narrow sense it would mean someone who listens to the music of Lilou & John without any fear of stigmata.


Basically all people who only care about ”what others may think” and who therefore are too scared to listen to Lilou & John. Also referred to as ”The Middlemen of Golgafrincham”. Mostly driven by fear of social declassification. The opposite of a mongrel.


Political incorrectness

Not internalizing what Karl Marx referred to as ”the ideology” of a society.

Progressive Reactionary

The mix of fluent creativity and emotional depth that is typical for Lilou & John.

Reincarnated Fish

A person who only listens to mainstream music and therefore does not understand originality.

The expression is derived from Lilou’s thesis that the extinction of species forces animal souls to be reincarnated into human bodies due to lack of animal bodies.


Anyone who signals virtue or expresses any other form of group-think to gain an advantage.


A person who joins a herd and stays there until the herd is dissolved and the sheep must find a new herd asap. Sh*t scared of Lilou & John.

Stray Dog

A person who walks away from the pack in search of a new pack. Domesticated version of a stray wolf. Fan of Lilou & John.

Stray Wolf

A person who walks away from the pack because even the pack is too narrow-minded. Wild version of a stray dog. Hardcore fan of Lilou & John.

Sweden SSR

An expression used by Lilou & John to pinpoint the extreme levels of group-think, envy, grandiose delusions, emotional and intellectual regression, consumerism, materialism, virtue signaling, structural incompetence, herd mentality, sycophantism and narrow-minded narcissism that characterizes the reincarnated fish market referred to as “Sweden”.


A full time sellout.

The Middlemen of Golgafrincham

Pedigrees. The expression comes from Douglas Adams’ ”The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.

Two Crazy Swedes

An expression from Midgård 2018 describing Lilou & John.

Two Intense Weirdos

Another description of Lilou & John from social media.


Another word for banshee but with a stronger emphasis on a powerful will rather than the voice alone.

We Hate People

An expression meaning that some people are mentally challenged, narrow-minded or selfish to such an extent that Lilou & John refuse to have anything to do with them.


Lilou & John’s unofficial fan club, sometimes nicknamed ”The Stray Wolves”. Its unofficial leader was banned from Twitter some years ago and the duo haven’t heard anything from him since, so whether the fan club still exists is more of a metaphysical question than anything else.