Lilou & John: FAQ


Lilou & John: FAQ

Who are Lilou & John?

A paradigm shift, a Faustian Swedish indie duo, a married couple, a mother and a father, the legendary #KillTheMainstream art and music duo.

Why do you call yourself “Progressive-Reactionary?”

We evolve, explore, move forward and therefore we are Progressive. To us, logic is the foundation of the universe. There is always an explanation to everything. Therefore we are constantly looking for answers to every question. The smallest edge of a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit in calls for an entire investigation.

Creativity is a long series of questions like “what kind of music could we do next?” and all these questions need answers.

We are also hardcore Reactionaries, possibly best described by this brilliant quote by Andrew Sullivan: “If conservatives are pessimistic, reactionaries are apocalyptic. If conservatives value elites, reactionaries seethe with contempt for them. If conservatives believe in institutions, reactionaries want to blow them up. If conservatives tend to resist too radical a change, reactionaries want a revolution.”

But we do not dream of a political revolution for politics is superficial. Our revolution is that of culture and mindset. “No god or kings”, Andrew Ryan said, “only man”.

What is the “cultural renaissance” you talk about?

A rebirth of art and music as they were before the neolithic tribes of 10,000 years ago took their first steps to control language and ban “offensive” speech. A mammoth hunter with a DAW would perhaps have made our kind of music. We want to deliver a sense of coherence to our listeners. Beauty. Darkness. Depth. A renaissance for truth.

Why do you make such weird music?

Because we don’t conform to standard.

Why do you always change genre?

Because Lilou is hyper-progressive. She has a strong desire to break new land and explore new music. Two LNJ songs that sound similar are one too many.

How is Lilou pronounced?

In Swedish the pronunciation is Lee-Loo, but we anglicized it to Lie-Low when we created Lilou & John. Later, however, a twitter poll in February 2020 revealed that many people pronounce it Lee-Loo anyway. We believe in free speech so anyone is free to pronounce it anyway they like.

When are you available for interviews?

Early mornings, lunch time, some afternoons CET workdays. Always John. Never Lilou. Contact him on Twitter, Facebook, Gab, VK or use the contact form.

Are you a political band?

All artists today MUST be political whether they like it or not. The “woke” left and their EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL dogma have created a bipolar society characterized by an extreme political conformity where all artists must have or pretend to have left wing political ideas to make it. All artists must virtue signal from time to time or all media coverage will drop to zero. The “woke” left says you are WITH us or you are AGAINST us.

Artists who refuse to virtue signal or even – like us – tell stories about the rebellions in Hungary 1956 and Poland 1980, the Gilets Jaunes, Charlottesville, Identitarians, the REAL meaning of heartbreak, the Trump Train, corrupt politicians, fake news, terror, the Salvini fever, i.e. stories that are forbidden by the “woke” left, will HAVE TO position themselves on the non-“woke” side. Dualism does the rest and in a left-right public narrative people will say we are on the right.

The question is therefore false because ALL artists are forced to be political today. It should be rephrased to “do you WANT to be a political band?”.

The answer to that question is NO. HELL NO! We are sick and tired of playing put the tail on the donkey with political commissars.

Why is Lilou not interested in politics yet still sings in such an extremely controversial free speech band?

She has never been interested in ideological debate and partizan politics. She believes in free speech and the creation of thought-provoking, vivid art.

Are you Humanists?

No. Other people have a right to choose slavery, ignorance and cowardice as long as they don’t complain afterwards. For us it comes down to simple egoism. We defend OUR right to private property, liberty and free speech. We agree with many of the core principles from “The Satanic Bible”.

What do you think about racism?

That it’s a nasty way of excluding talented and smart individualists on the basis of ethnicity. Just like Feminism, Communism and many other “isms”. Sadly the word is corrupt because it has been misused for many decades by untalented charlatans, professionally offended parasites and lazy freeloaders.

Do you support anti-hate speech laws

No. We support free speech.

What do you believe in?

We believe in ourselves, art, logic, individualism, exploration, free speech, republic, individual merits, capitalism, private property, honesty, strength, vitality, energy, creativity, power, beauty, blasphemy, competence and the physical removal of idiots.

What do you NOT believe in?

Slavery, mediocracy, mainstreamism, cowardice, political oppression, a totalitarian god, theft, parasitism, NPCism, weakness, altruism, being a superficial moron.

Why have you doxxed yourself instead of staying anonymous like so many other dissidents?

We don’t know why they stay anonymous, but we have doxxed ourselves because we have a spine. We understand if people stay undercover in a country where they shoot dissidents, but we didn’t think the risk of losing our jobs were reasons enough to stay in the shadows.

Why do you sometimes make jokes about being “Nazis” or “Right Wingers” if you are not?

For the same reason some black people make jokes about being “n*****s”. People with very low self-esteem call us that from time to time so we started making fun of it. But that was a while ago and we are frankly quite tired of that as well now.

Will you ever quit staying in touch with the “Right Wing” if it could benefit your sales and make you rich?

It WOULD benefit our sales and make us rich. Our music is good enough for us to easily turn back if we said we had been brainwashed by Donald Trump. But there is more to this world than money and materialism.