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Lyrics for Counter Jihad, Iconoclastic, The White Eagle, Pasokification, Bolsomito, Salvini Pop, Godwin’s Law and USS Donald Trump.

Airing from Kolyma

Lyrics and chords for Free Woman, Revolutionary Road, Dead Girl Walking, Soft Collision and Alpha Dog.

Patriot Child

Lyrics and chords for Psychotic Snowflake Anthem, Petrodollar Wars, Enemy of the Matrix, Generation Identitaire and Patriot Child.


Lyrics and chords for Via Dolorosa, The Girl from Antarctica, Next Year in Jerusalem, Solferino, Bataclan, 9/11, Spirit of America and Payback Day.

100 Faces

Lyrics and chords for He broke my neck Josephine, Six Year Farewell, 100 Faces, God and When Murder Victims Die.