Bad faith and why it hurts us

Bad Faith


“I had no choice” is one of the most common excuses known to mankind. It works in most situations and leaves us with no choice but to accept the explanation, because otherwise the person behind the excuse will be angry.

It is a lie, of course. Everyone has a choice which also means that we have the choice to ignore the excuse and tell the person to grow up.

The lie has a name, too. It is called bad faith. As it happens, the rejection of bad faith is much of what makes us one of the most hard-to-describe rock bands ever.


Bad faith teaches us the lie that we cannot control our present living conditions nor our future. It is part of our event horizon and is more than anything the root of our apathy.

Bad faith is more than anything an expression of fear. We can choose to obey, protest, acknowledge, behave, run, hide, stand up, sing, dance or sit down. We just tell ourselves that we cannot because we are afraid to face the consequences of choice.

This is part of the reason why we 2017-2019 recorded four albums dedicated to the culture war (that turned out to be nothing more than a propaganda war): to show that it was possible to make music outside of the present event horizon.

In other words, our “culture war years” could be summed up by the words: “do not listen to bad faith” and “your event horizon is just a social construct”.


The story of how we – a lazy married couple in our 40s – ended up as musical revolutionaries in the most infected political conflict since Athens and Sparta waged war in the ancient world, is therefore a story of us vs bad faith 1, bad faith 2, bad faith 3, etc.

Sooner or later all such cultural vigilantes will upset someone who will defend their bad faith by all means necessary. It is inevitable.

Oh well, nunc dimittis.

After all the commotion has settled and we have returned to where we prefer to be, on our own making music and writing blog posts, we can look back and say: “yes, your bad faith is still a social construct, but frankly we don’t care anymore”.

With love and great music,
Lilou & John